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A Guide To Effective PARS and PAPS Management

In the fast-paced world of international trucking, efficient operations are crucial for success. One key aspect of this efficiency is the effective use of PARS (Pre-Arrival Review System) and PAPS (Pre-Arrival Processing System) labels. These labels play a significant role in reducing delays, improving efficiency, and enhancing overall supply chain operations. However, to fully leverage the benefits of these labels, it is essential for trucking companies to understand and comply with guidelines pertaining PARS/PAPS labels.

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The Purpose of PARS/PAPS Labels

PARS and PAPS labels are integral in the cross-border process, as they help with the review of shipments coming into the country, and assess their admissibility through a quick scan. PARS labels are used for shipments entering Canada, while PAPS labels are used for shipments entering the United States.  The labels serve a few main functions which improve cross-border shipping, including:

  • Fast, pre arrival processing of shipments
  • Ensuring customs compliance
  • Creating a more efficient clearance process

The labels contain unique identification numbers, which allow customs authorities to track and process shipments efficiently. A scan of your PARS or PAPS barcode can reflect whether the shipment has been cleared to cross or whether further steps need to be taken. Trucking companies can take several steps to avoid border delays when using PARS and PAPS for cross-border shipments. In order to make the most of your cross-border operations, it is important to know how to effectively use these labels and how to streamline your cross-border process.

Practice Proper Labeling

Always ensure that PARS/PAPS labels are affixed to the appropriate documents, such as the bill of lading or commercial invoice, and that they are clearly visible. Incorrect or missing labels can lead to delays in customs clearance. Double check that all necessary information, such as the PARS/PAPS number, is accurate, and present on the labels, in order to prevent delays at the border.

Sometimes these labels could be missed entirely, in which case you may need to get your hands on your labels before arriving at the border. Luckily, Zipments offers same day emergency use labels for those times where you may be crossing today and need labels now. You can also purchase your PARS/PAPS labels, shipped within 1 business day. 

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Maintain Communication

You should always strive to maintain open communication with customs brokers, carriers, and border authorities to address any issues or questions promptly. Whenever possible, work closely with licensed customs brokers who are familiar with the PARS/PAPS process and can assist in preparing and submitting the necessary documentation. You can also use a technological platform which allows for seamless communication and document transmission.

Submit Information In A Timely Manner

Always aim to submit your PARS/PAPS information to customs authorities in advance of the arrival of the truck at the border. A timely submission allows customs officials to pre-clear the shipment, reducing wait times and expediting the clearance process. Drivers no longer need to wait at the border, when they can know their clearance status ahead of time and show up ready to cross.

Monitor Your Clearance Status To Stay Informed

You can keep track of the status of your PARS/PAPS submissions and be prepared to provide additional information if requested by customs authorities, based on the tracking information. Regularly check for updates on the clearance status to address any issues promptly using a reliable platform such as Zipments, and ensure you are communicating with your broker or other parties involved, in case issues arise.

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Say goodbye to worrying about delays and hello to real-time tracking with Zipments.

Zipments is the ultimate solution that puts your clearance status at your fingertips. No more navigating through complex processes or waiting for updates from multiple sources. You can effortlessly track your PARS and PAPS status in real-time, ensuring smooth and efficient border crossings.

Track Multiple PARS/PAPS At Once

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Integrate Technology

Consider using electronic systems or software that streamline the PARS/PAPS submission process, and allow for easier label purchasing. Automated systems can help reduce errors and improve efficiency in customs clearance. Ordering your PARS/PAPS labels from a reliable source can reduce delays and help prevent any errors with your labels.

Effective use of PARS and PAPS labels can help reduce delays, improve efficiency, and enhance overall supply chain operations. Compliance with customs regulations is a non-negotiable requirement for any successful international trucking operation. By following a few fundamental steps in PARS/PAPS management, trucking companies can optimize the use of these labels and streamline the customs clearance process for cross-border shipments.