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How to check PARS for multiple brokers on one website

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was ONE website to check your PARS status instead of visiting 6 or 7 different brokers sites to check your PARS status?

Well, you're in luck! There is ONE website to check your PARS status, regardless of broker or port of entry - and that's here at 

We want to make the border invisible for drivers and transportation companies - so you can cross the border and deliver their cargo as easily as they would a domestic shipment.

We also want you to use the technology that you're used to - a fast, simple mobile-friendly website.

When you use - you can simply enter your PARS number for ANY broker, at any port, and Zipments will retrieve the status for you. 

The status will show up as "Ready to Cross" when it has been accepted with CBSA / Canada Customs.

When it has been released, the status will change to "Released".

Give it a try now at - we hope you love it.