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5 Reasons To Use A Small Trucking Company

Trucking companies are like anything else out there, they come in all shapes and sizes. When you are choosing a trucking company for your freight, there are many things to consider, and sometimes the most obvious choice may not be the right one. Smaller trucking companies may get less exposure, but it does not exclude them from the running. Small trucking companies are actually responsible for moving a large percentage of freight, making them an integral part of the industry. Relying on a small trucking company can be beneficial for a number of reasons, which is why taking into consideration the benefits of using a small fleet can help you make an informed, and balanced decision. 

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Choosing a trucking company for your freight is an important decision, as it can make a significant impact on your business. The right trucking company will not only provide the services needed, but the freight will safely get to its destination on time, and at a fair price point. A small trucking company is usually one which has about six trucks or less, as their fleet. The companies have community ties, and often employ other members of the community.  Though small, these companies move a lot of freight in both US and Canada, making them strong contenders in the freight game.  

Specialized Route Coverage 

Smaller trucking companies have the ability to provide services in specialized regions or areas, since they are usually situated in and focus on a particular geographic point. Local roads, or areas that are usually more remote or less covered, are more likely to be covered by some smaller trucking companies who  operate nearby. Since they are owned by a family or individual, these companies usually tend to have more of a local presence than big fleets, which ensures that they are able to cover areas they know very well and provide efficient services. Larger companies may at times struggle to find accessible routes, but smaller companies will know the communities well, and be able to deliver the freight on time.

Honest Reputation

Smaller companies tend to rely on word of mouth and reputation more so than large fleets, as they usually have limited resources to advertise or get their name out there. When you work with a small fleet, you get to know the owners and employees personally, which makes the reviews and recommendations more important. Since there is no better measure of quality than actual reviews from other clients, it is safe to assume that smaller trucking companies who have a confirmed reputation are likely to provide great service. Since the fleet is smaller, the company is also more likely to be driven to provide great customer service, as their business is more dependent on each client they can service. 

Variety of Services

A smaller trucking company is more likely to offer services that are specialized to their clients, such as last mile delivery or other accessorials specific to the freight shipped. The smaller fleets have the tools to get their job done on their own, as opposed to outsourcing or relying on other contractors to finish the job, which means that they are more likely to have the services needed upfront.  They are able to work to meet demands in various parts of the supply chain, allowing for more efficiency and support in the industry.

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Smaller trucking companies have more room to adapt to any changes or shifts in the market, as there is less red tape or hoops to jump through with overhead management. Decisions can be made quickly and benefit the client. If there is a need to adjust route, or a change in demand, these smaller fleets can adapt quicker than large companies with established routes and practices. For customers, this ensures that the company can provide for their specialized need and help meet the requirements of their business.

Competitive Pricing

One of the best benefits of using a smaller trucking company is the price point. Smaller trucking companies are more likely to offer competitive prices for their services, as they have more control and freedom in the pricing realm. While there are some fixed expenses for all trucking companies, there will less overhead expenses to consider for smaller ones usually, which allows for more flexibility in pricing. There is also an added factor of competitiveness in the market, which allows for more negation and better rates, since smaller companies are usually striving for business, while larger fleets have less leeway or incentive to negotiate prices.

Trucking is a unique business with unique challenges. Small fleets need to be well-equipped and experienced in order to maintain profitability within the constraints of their limited resources. When considering using a small trucking company, it is important to understand the challenges they face and the obstacles they continue to overcome, as these add to their experience and drive to provide quality service. A small trucking company in the industry has to battle with a lot of external factors, including freight rate shifts, fuel prices or supply chain disruptions, all while having limited financial resources to maintain their business. 

It is not just about the size of the trucking company; it’s about the people you’re going to be working with, the services offered and how often you may be doing business with them. Often, you’ll find that smaller trucking companies have a lot more benefits than larger fleets, and they can be a significant part of your business. A big company can offer you a sense of security, but may lack personalized service and competitive pricing you need. When choosing a trucking company, consider your business needs and find one tailored to you.