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No PARS or PAPS Label? No Problem!

Truckers, you can still get your shipment across the border on time.

StockS55nap_1NSWGNVTL1Keeping up with a busy schedule, heavy load and gas shortages can be stressful enough, but adding proper documentation for border crossing is a task which all drivers can find frustrating. Life happens. If you’ve found yourself needing to cross the border soon, but you have no PARS or PAPS labels, you can still get through on time, with use of technology allowing labels to be printed temporarily, until your labels arrive.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   If you have no labels and need to cross a border soon, you can access digital copies of labels from Zipments, by contacting support via the website or email at You can also still purchase PARS and PAPS labels on our website. You will receive a quick response, with temporary labels sent to your email. All a driver needs to do is print, cut out, and tape these temporary labels to their customs documents. The method will allow customs agents to scan your label and let you through quickly, despite not having your primary labels yet. While your mail package delivery can be delayed or late, you control your own access to PARS/PAPS labels with this tool, so you never run out.

The industry faces challenges from post apocalyptic weather conditions, economic shifts and manufacturing demands, making transport companies adapt to the unpredictable. Zipments is one of the first to successfully apply the digital method to label printing and PARS/PAPS tracking, allowing drivers to get to their destination quicker, and then back home to their families. As this technology evolves, we should start to see more autonomy and control given to truck drivers, improving working conditions and shipment times.